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Here are the questions we get all the time.
Don't be that guy.

Where can I buy your products?

Our products are sold at all the Idaho State Liquor Division stores, as well as smaller contract liquor stores throughout the state. You can find your closest liquor store on (just enter your zip code). Don't see the product on the shelf you're looking for? Ask the clerk or manager to order it for you! Any product can be special ordered, and transferred from the Boise liquor warehouse. It may take a week or so to arrive locally, but they can get it for you!

Can I buy liquor directly from you?

You must be new to Idaho. The answer is no. That would be illegal. Only the State of Idaho Liquor Division is allowed to sell liquor in Idaho. Find the closest Idaho liquor store near you at

Where can I sample your products?

We do free public liquor tasting promos throughout the year at different bars and restaurants in Idaho. Follow us on Facebook @NorthStarSpiritsIdaho to see our most current events. Please also join us for Sip Idaho, our annual liquor tasting event, always the weekend following 4th of July each year. Visit @SipIdahoEvent on Facebook, or our sister website for more information!

How can I participate in Idaho's rare whiskey lotteries?

You can sign up for Idaho's rare whiskey lotteries, held once or twice a month, at